Palmah Who?

Our adventure began at Falls Festival in Byron Bay. With only pennies in their pockets, two surf bums were unable to afford trendy outfits necessary for such a gathering.

"Shit. What should we do?" said one bum to the other... The bums decided to do what bums to best- they made t-shirts themselves. A can of paint and a couple of tees later, the bums got to business. They worked hard into the night and ended up with bold and bright rainbow smiley faces adorning the fabric in front of them.

Throughout the concert, the two surf bums were constantly approached and quizzed by other attendees. Many friends were made thanks to the bum's outwardly positive t-shirts. After the concert, the bums realised that those t shirts had lead them to encounter some of the funkiest human beings they'd ever met and contributed to one of the funnest weekends of their lives.

They then realised that those t shirts could help spark many more happy encounters for many more happy humans. It was here they created Palmah, a company for people who live life less seriously, and enjoy life's moments as they float on by.

Hope you enjoy

Palmah 🌴

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